Віктор Пасовистий та його група – Український концерт

Виконавець – Віктор Пасовистий та його група / Victor Pasowisty and his band
Альбом – Український концерт / Ukrainian festival
Каталожний номер видавця – Arc 525
Рік видання – 196?
Джерело – greatcanadianfiddle.blogspot.com

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Список записів:

Сторона 1

1. Yak bu ne marusia / Yablushko
2. Bandura waltz
3. Zaporozich
4. Accordion polka
5. Obrona
6. Chumak

Сторона 2

1. Fiddlin’ fingers polka
2. Shumyt i hudet
3. Balamut waltz
4. Kozak
5. Forever mine polka
6. Kolomyka

Інформація з обкладинки:

Victor Pasovisty was born in Mountain Road, Manitoba, and his parents are of Ukrainian and Polish descent. Voctor started on the violin at the age of 12, playing by ear. It was in 1955 that he began studies with the late Professor Brondus Farmer.

During the period of 1944 to 1947, Victor attended St. Josephs College in Yorktown, Saskatchewan, and was a member of the school group which consisted of a male and female choir and instrumental group which appeared on CJGX Radio for three years and was the most popular Ukrainian show on the air at the time.

In 1955 Victor Pasowisty won the Canadian Old Time Fiddling Championship at Shelburne, Ontario, and is the only contestant in history of the contest to be a finalist in this popular annual event five times.

When the popular Television program Country Hoedown began several years ago, Victor was selected as the special guest for the first two shows and was also invited to the Ottawa Exhibition the same year to perform his old time fiddling artistry. Victor has also won the old time fiddling contest at the Canadian National Exhibition for the past two years. On Victor’s first album, ha has selected some of the most popular Ukrainian dance tunes of all times. But no matter what your country of origin, you are sure to enjoy dancing to or just listening to Victor Pasowisty’s Ukrainian Festival

Recording & A & R Direction: Dan Bass
Cover Photo: Craig Hutchinson
Arc Records, Scarboro, Ontario