Хор цервки Св. Варвари у Відні – Українські коляди

Виконавець – Хор цервки Св. Варвари у Відні / St. Barbara’s church & tonkinstler orchestra of Vienna
Альбом – Українські коляди / Ukrainian carols
Видавець, каталожний номер: Chwyli Dnistra – CD-18
Рік видання – не зазначено
Джерело – інше

  CD-18f_Chwyli Dnistra CD-18b_Chwyli Dnistra

Список записів:

                               Сторона 1

01. God Eternal – arr. by A.Hnatyshun
      Бог Предвічний
02. What wonder – soloist E.Saprun, arr. by A.Hnatyshun
      Що то за предиво
03. Throughout the world – the Baran trio, arr. by A.Hnatyshun
      По всьому світу
04. Let us sing in praise – soloist Wukailowych, E.Saprun and Chr.Lubchenko, arr. by Cyrilo Stecenko
      Заспіваймо во хвалу 
05. Bells rang early in the morning – soloist Ihor Hnatyshyn, arr. by Wasyl Stupnycky
      Рано вранці дзвони дзвонять
06. Let us rejoice – the Baran trio, arr. by A.Hnatyshun
      Радість прийшла 
07. Slep, oh Christ child, sleep – arr. by A.Hnatyshun
      Cпи Ісусе, спи 

                                Сторона 2

01. Epiphany eve – soloist S.Witushyhska and Chr.Lubchenko, arr. by A.Hnatyshun
      Щедрий вечір
02. Singular news – the Baran trio, arr. by A.Hnatyshyn
      Дивная новина 
03. On christmas eve – soloist Wukailowych, S.Witushynska and Chr.Lubchenko, arr. by A.Hnatyshyn
      На Святий Вечір
04. The ploughing the field – soloist Chr.Lubchenko, arr. by A.Hnatyshyn
      В полі, в полі плужок оре 
05. Great news in Bethlehem – the Baran trio, arr. by A.Hnatyshun
      У Вифлеємі нині новина 
06. God is born – soloist E.Saprun and J.Lindner, arr. by A.Hnatyshun
      Бог народився
07. New joy – greetings recited by Wasyl Wydysh, arr. by Cyrilo Stecenko
      Нова радість стала

Інформація з обкладинки:

Once upon a time, when Ukraine was happy and free when the people could freely express their religious sentiments, in the season of the great and joyous feast – Christmas – throughout the spacious lands of Ukraine resounded marvelous folk songs known as KOLADY and KOIADKY (Christmas carols).

In many of these carols, in such as ” Eternal God Is Born”, “New Joy” “Universe Rejoice!” and “A Bright Star Appeared in the Heavens” the Ukrainian people sang praise to the birth of Christ and sang of the joy which it brought to mankind. These carols, of a Christian-religious character, at times showed Apocryphal motives which arose following Ukraine’s acceptance of Christianity (Xth century).

But with Christmas there was also connected a chain of ancient songs belonging to the winter cycle, old carols which reached in their origin into the grey antiquity when the Ukrainian people, being ignorant of Christian teachings, bowed before various of nature: the sun, the wind, fire, thunder, and others. The people personified these powers in the shapes of various gods who represented aid to, or destruction of man. A special tribute was said to the sun and its many powers which revived nature itself: they  revived plants, animals, man, water, and the earth.

After the shortest days of the year, when the sun commenced to foretell the arrival of spring, the Ukrainian people celebrated the feast of the birth of the sun and, in its honor, sang glorious carols – KOLADKY (derived from the Roman calendar Januaries). In many of these, referring  to the master of the house and the mistress, appear agricultural motives; these portray the wealth, plenty, and the happiness of family life, and are designed to invoke prosperity for the household and happiness for the master, mistress and their family, they were accompanied by the deep hope that word and song have a magic power and potency. Besides KOLADKY, built on an agricultural theme, we came across the ancient KOLADY with military, amorous, and imaginary motives.

When the ancient feast of the sun was replaced by Christmas, all those carols transferred to the Christian feast.

Similar in character to the KOLADY are the Ukrainian folk songs known as SHCHEDRIWKY (Epiphany carols). SHCHEDRIWKY were sung in Ukraine on New Year’s eve in honor of god Shchedryj (god of generosity), in the belief that this god descends on that particular day into the farmer’s cottage, going through all the buildings of the house hold foretells for the master generous gifts for the New Year. SHCHEDRIWKY aimed to invoke a plenteous harvest in the fields and gain in the household.

Ukrainian KOLADY and SHCHEDRIWKY have, besides a high artistic value, a high cultural and historic worth which is recognized not only by Ukrainian folklore scholars, but also by disinterested authorities. These carols mirror the basic characteristics of Ukrainian national, and above all agricultural, mode of life throughout the entire historic life of the nation. They also reflect the characteristic intellectual trend of the Ukrainian people, with its respect to family life, with its cult of ancestors, and with its intense longing for freedom, for a free life in its independent, rich, Wonderful land.

On Ukrainian soil secretly, but openly in the lands of the free world, the Ukrainian people, in KOLADY, KOLADKY, and SHCHEDRIWKY, bow deeply to Him Who brought new life to the world, and longingly recall in them the happy moments of its historic life. United by the priceless national traditions, all Ukrainians approach in their wishes and efforts the moment of the full national liberation and independence.

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