Alexander Sheremeta and his Orchestra – Folk songs and dances of the Ukraine

Виконавець – Alexander Sheremeta and his Orchestra; Vocal soloist: Michael Boyko
Альбом – Folk songs and dances of the Ukraine
Видавець, каталожний номер: Fiesta Record – FPLS 1438
Рік видання – не зазначено
Джерело – колекція Andriy Vasylyk

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Перелік записів:

                        Сторона 1

01. Nozechi
02. Oy ty diwchino
03. Zenchi
04. Hrechaniki
05. Stoyit hora vysokaya
06. Podilia

                        Сторона 2

01. Chaban
02. Hutsulka
03. Misach na nebi
04. Caucasian
05. Hopak
06. Reve ta stohne

Інформація з обкладинки:

Alexander Sheremeta and his Orchestra

Alexander Sheremeta’s interest in Ukrainian National Folk Songs and Dances began at an early age while studying this field of music at the Ukrainian Reading Society of Montreal, more commonly known as “Prosvita”. His unusual interpretation of these Songs and Dances is notably displayed in this recording as the orchestra has successfully blended “The Modern Sound” with “The Old Time Melodies”. The public acceptance of this orchestra’s interpretations and arrangements has taken the orchestra to numerous tours throughout Canada and the United States, climaxing these tours with a performance at The New York World’s Fair in 1964.

The Poltava Dance Ensemble had been formed in 1960 by The Canadian Ukrainian Youth Association of Montreal. Their aim is to preserve and teach the culture and traditions which they have inherited. The Poltava Dance Ensemble, under the choreography of Ballet Master Victor Hladun, have excelled in this field of Ukrainian National Dances as they have appeared on many local television programs climaxing these performances by winning the annual Grand Prix Award at Montreal’s Place des Arts. This ensemble consisting of approximately 50 dancers, teen-agers all, has toured the larger Canadian cities, leaving their audiences with an unforgettable memory of true Ukrainian National Dances performed to an extremely fast tempo by seemingly tireless performers. Their intricate steps and patterns as devised by their choreographer, Mr. Victor Hladun, has won them many a standing ovation throughout their tours.

This combination of The Poltava Dance Ensemble and Alexander Sheremeta’s orchestra has done much to enhance the interest recently displayed in the field of Ukrainian National Folk Dances.

Vocal Soloist: Michael Boyko
Arrangements by: Paul Olianski
Orchestra: P.Sydor, T.Batiuk, violins; M.Rakochy, G.Wercholaz, saxophones; W.Lisney, clarinet; G.Hamel, trumpet; R.Woofie, guitar; P.Richer, bass; M.Boyko, drums; A.Sheremeta, accordion.

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