Bill Prokopchuk – Plays a simulated live recording …

Виконавець – Bill Prokopchuk / Біл Прокопук
Альбом – Plays a simulated live recording of a three day ukrainian wedding old country style
Видавець, каталожний номер: Galaxy Records – GSLP 1004
Рік видання – не зазначено
Джерело – інше

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Перелік записів:

Сторона 1

01. The beginning of the wedding
02. Kozak
03. The sewing of the bridal wreath
04. Going to church march
05. Katyrinka
06. Bride and groom return from church
07. Beginning dinner songs. During dinner songs

Сторона 2

08. Grooms song to the bride. Brides song to the mother
09. Bride crying for her mother. Kolomayka
10. The presentation (two songs)
11. Groom taking bride away
12. Bride song to the mother before leaving her

Інформація з обкладинки:

How often have you heard it said, They sure don’t make Ukrainian Weddings like they used to, the answer being, That they took three days, a lot of hard work, and cost too much money.
Fiddlin BILL PROKOPCHUK, as he is often called, specialized in playing such weddings, and still plays them to-day, and is therefore able to present you with a simulated live recording of what takes place at an Three day “Old Country Ukrainian Wedding.”
This album has songs from the time the Wreath is being made, one day prior to the weddings, The Bride and groom being driven to church with a team of horses, The returning ceremony, the Dinner and after dinner ceremony, The presentation, and the finale.
You will be reminded of those Ukrainian Weddings you used to know.

Vocal Arrangements by, Mrs. Lena (Vacilina) Baranesky
Recorded on location by Galaxy Studios Produced by Alex Moodrey.