Paul Plishka – Sings songs of Ukraine

ВиконавецьPaul Plishka
Альбом – Sings songs of Ukraine
Видавець, каталожний номер: Musical Moments – MM 488 (Інші лейбли)
Рік видання – не зазначено
Джерело – інше

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Перелік записів:

                        Сторона 1

01. Oh Dnieper (Oy Dnipre) – M.Lysenko Text: T.Shevchenko
02. Ballad about Dovbush – arr.: D.Zador, folk text
03. The boundless field (bezmezhneye pole) – M.Lysenko, text: I.Franko
04. Oh fields (Oy polya) – V.Barvinsky, text: A.Konysky
05. About a young maiden (Pro divchynonku) – arr.: Y. Meytus, folk text
06. Cossack s longing (Oy choho ty dube) – arr.: K.Stetsenko, folk text
07. Drinking song (Jak zasyadym brattya kolo chary) – arr.: L.Revutsky, folk text)

                        Сторона 2

01. Oh hetmans! (Hetmany!) – M.Lysenko, text: T.Shevchenko
02. Song about Bayda – arr.: M.Verykivsky, folk text
03. Song of the cranes (Chuyesh brate miy) – L.Lepkyi , arr.: L.Revutsky, text: B.Lepkyi
04. Days pass (Mynayut dni) – M.Lysenko, text: T.Shevchenko
05. The mighty Dnieper (Y choho ty Dnipre) – M.Fomenko, text: Anon.

Інформація з обкладинки:

Perhaps once in a generation comes a truly great bass voice.
This is the generation of PLISHKA. The complete voice – big, sonorous, full of depth and feeling. Now PAUL PLISHKA brings his greatness to the songs of his Ukrainian heritage.

MR. PLISHKA, leading bass with the Metropolitan Opera, has recorded many complete operas with the world’s greatest singers. However, this is his first solo record. It seems altogether fitting that it be Ukrainian – the music of his forefathers!

THOMAS HRYNKIW – American Pianist of Ukrainian decent, completed his training at the Manhattan School of Music. In October 1967, he won the Gold Medal in the Geneva competition and subsequently made his European debut. A successful soloist, he is also one of the most sought after chamber music players in the United States. He currently appears with the Newport Music Festival, the Hillyer- Lucarelli-Hrynkiw trio, the new American trio, L’Ensemble, and the Audubon Quartet.