Тріо Максимович – Золота Хвиля

ВиконавецьТріо Максимович / Trio Maksymowich
Альбом – Золота Хвиля / Golden Wave
Видавець, каталожний номер: Mak Records – без номера (Інші лейбли)
Формат – CD-Audio
Рік видання – 2009
Джерело – колекція Walter Maksimovich

01_Mak Records_Golden Wave_front 03_Mak Records_Golden Wave_cd 02_Mak Records_Golden Wave_inside 04_Mak Records_Golden Wave_back

Перелік записів:

01. Тихо, тихо
02. Ой хмелю, ж мій хмелю
03. Лебеді материнства
04. Била мене мати
05. Ой сивая зозуленька*
06. Тече вода каламутна
07. Чабан / комарик
08. Де синії гори
09. Гори, гори
10. Черемшина**
11. Промінь сонця***

Інформація з обкладинки:

TRIO MAKSYMOWICH: Hanya Maksymowich Lotocky, Donna Maksymowich-Waskiewicz, Karyn Maksymowich Wilk

All vocals, arrangements and toys: the Trio
Keyboards: Hanya & Donna
Guitars: Walter Lotocky
Drums: Yurko McKay

* M.Leontovych
** Words M.Yuriychuk, Music D.Maksymowich
*** B.Krutiak

22 years ago we did something that made our parents proud:
we recorded this album. We went into a recording studio for the first time, put everything we had into it, and were pleased with our effort. It’s been a long time coming, but we can finally offer this work in digital form (although we still have plenty of vinyl records and cassettes, if you’re interested…).

We couldn’t remix the album, as all we had were the master reels (yes, reel-to reel tapes!), but we brought it out of analog into a bit more crisp sound If you have already heard this album, we hope you enjoy «Zolota Khvylya» as you never have before. And if you are new to Trio Maksymowich, welcome to a little bit of Ukraine from South Florida.

Thanks to Myroslava Olga Maksymowich, our Chochee, because we couldn’t bring this album to you without her. Our parents, Taras and Anna, taught us to love our heritage, a gift for which we can never be grateful enough; we repay them with our song. And we know they’re still listening…


We’d like to thank John & Bobby for helping us create this first record, Ernesto & Cristina Liebster for giving us the push to finally make this recording, and the Ukrainian Dancers of Miami for giving us a chance to sing often. Thanks to Yurko and Walter for their music on the album; thanks to Kathy for braving the beach with us and for helping us clap; thanks to Choche for supporting us in everything we do; and special thanks to Rich and Brian for their unending love and hard work for all of us.

Recorded and mixed at «Hot Mix» Recording Engineered by John Baer & Robert Damon Produced by Trio Maksymowich Digital Remastering by Third Echo Ptoductions, Inc.

Cover design by Chemna Arts Cover photography by Kathy Wisniski Back cover photography by Kathy Wisniski, Slawko Sperkacz and the Trio

© 1987 Mak Records
© 2009 cover artwork and digital remastering