Ukrainian bandurist ensemble “Burlaky” – Burlaky

ВиконавецьUkrainian bandurist ensemble “Burlaky” / Ансамбль бандуристів “Бурлаки”
Альбом – Burlaky (назва умовна)
Видавець, каталожний номер: Ken-Del custom records – LP 7575 (Інші лейбли)
Рік видання – не зазначено
Джерело – інше

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Перелік записів:

                               Сторона 1

01. Silent night / Tyha nich
02. Christ the savior / Hristos Spasytel
      аrr. A.Richyns’ky
03. On the Jordan River / Na Yordanskiy Richtzi
      arr. K.Stetzenko
04. Let’s sing together / Wsi razom
      arr. Y.Yatsynevych
05. The new joy / Nowa radist
      arr. S.Kowalchuk
06. O master, master / Oy, pane, pane
      arr. O.Koshyts’

                                Сторона 2

01. In the green holt / W zelenim haiu
      folk song / nar. pisnia
02. Embroider me a shirt / Wysziy, wysziy
      M.Pyrozhenko & H.Kytasty
03. The cossack’s lament / Wstaye hmara
      T.Shevchenko & V.Yemets
04. Oh, beyond the Danube / Tam za Dunayem
      folk song / nar. pisnia
05. A flirting song / Iszow kozak
      folk song / nar. pisnia
06. The storm is raging / Wiye bura
07. Through the villages we march / Kriz sela

Інформація з обкладинки:

THE BANDURIST ENSEMBLE consists of twelve male vocalists augmented by the beautiful harp-lute sound of the bandura. This Ukrainian national instrument has fifty-six strings and is played with both hands. The bandura was developed in the sixteenth century.

Mr. Sevihy Kowalchuk, the director of the ensemble, is a graduate of the Luzk Music School of the Ukraine, 1912. Since making his home in America in 1950, he has appeared in numerous television productions. In 1950 alone, his New York choir and ensemble was aired for three months running on UGZ-TY.

Since 1951, Mr. Kowalchuk has been the director of music at the St. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Wilmington, Delaware.

Having directed more than fifty concerts in four cast coast states, Mr. Kowalchuk continues to share his musical ability with those of us who appreciate his unique blending of voices and strings.

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