Українська капела бандуристів ім. Т.Шевченка – Ой гиля, гиля гусоньки на став

ВиконавецьУкраїнська капела бандуристів ім. Т.Шевченка / Ukrainian bandurists chorus, conductor Hryhory Kytasty
Альбом – Ой гиля, гиля гусоньки на став
Видавець / каталожний номер: Ukrainian bandurists chorus (?) / 822U-5080-5081 (Інші лейбли)
Рік видання – 1981
Джерело – інше

Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus_822U_front Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus_822U_back Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus_822U_s2 Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus_822U_s1

                               Сторона 1

01. Ой гиля гиля
      Good evening my love – Soloparts: P.Pysarenko and P.Shokaluk (traditional song of courtship) arr. H.Katasty
02. Підкручу я чорні вуса
      I’ll curt my black mustache – soloist J.Cisaruk (flirtation of an aging bachelor) arr. W.Wermenko
03. Пісня любови
      Theme from “Love story” – soloist G.Oryshkewych
04. Марш української молоді
      Ukrainian youth march – solopart R.Kasaraba (patriotic song of ukrainian youth in exile) H.Katasty
05. Не шкодую за літами
      I don’t regret the years – soloist J.Cisaruk (but i do regret that i am not in my native land) H.Katasty

                                Сторона 2

01. Сятий Боже, Сятий Кіпкий
      Oh God, Oh Mighty – soloist: P. Kytasty (this chant is dedicated to the memory of the hundreds of Ukrainian folk musicians and singers called “Lirnyky” and “Kobzari” who were executed on orders from Stalin in the 1930’s) arr. H.Kytasty
02. Пісня про Нечая
      Song of Nechay – solopart J.Cisaruk (a song about a great Cossack), arr. H.Chotkewych
03. Ой продала дівчинонька серце
      For love she gave her soul – folk song, arr. H.Kytasty
04. Полтавський марш
      Poltava’s march – Instrumental composition, H. Chotkevych
05. Ти до мене нe ходи
      Don’t come courting – folk song, arr. H.Kytasty
06. Вийшли в поле косарі
      Spirited harvesters – folk song, arr. H.Kytasty

Інформація з обкладинки:

The Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus, organized in 1918, in Kiev, Ukraine, is dedicated to the Memory of Taras Shevchenko, national poet, artist and champion of human rights. The singers of the Chorus play the Bandura, which is the Ukrainian national instrument, and is part of the soul and history of the Ukrainian people and nation.

The Bandura became a popular instrument in Ukraine in the 16th Century. It has 30 to 60 strings, ranging through five octaves, which are plucked by the fingers. The Bandura unifies, to a certain degree, the principles of two instruments, that of the lute and harp. The sound it produces is somewhat emphatic but gentle.

The Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, came to the United States in 1949. Since then the Chorus has continuously performed in leading concert halls of the United States and Canada, and has toured Western Europe and Australia, arousing great enthusiasm wherever it performed.

Cover by M. Dmytrenko Distributor, UKRAINIAN BANDURIST CHORUS – P.O. Box 12129, Detroit, Michigan 48212, U.S.A.