Українська капела бандуристів ім. Т.Шевченка – Пісня весни

ВиконавецьУкраїнська капела бандуристів ім. Т.Шевченка / Ukrainian bandurists chorus, conductor Hryhory Kytasty
Альбом – Пісня весни / Song of spring
Видавець, каталожний номер: Ukrainian bandurists chorus (?) / 822U 5072-5073 (Інші лейбли)
Рік видання – не зазначено
Джерело – інше

Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus_822U_5072,3_front Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus_822U_5072,3_back  Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus_822U_5072,3_s1 Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus_822U_5072,3_s2

                               Сторона 1

01. Христос Воскрес / Christ is risen
      A traditional Eastern Hymn
02. Благослови душе моя Господа / Bless the Lord. O my soul
      Soloparts: P.Sadowy – baritone, and P.Honcharenko – tenor, music by K.Stetzenko
03. Зеленая ліщинонька / My heart fades (like the green hazel-tree fadin from the sun, because my beloved comes not to me)
      Soloist – J.Oryshkewych, arr. by M.Leontovych
04. Ой горе тій чайці / The lapwing on its nest (by the road has as little peace from passers — by, as Ukraine has from invaders)
      Arr. by M.Leontovych
05. He тумани / It’s not the fog rising (but the smoke from the battle with Tartar invaders)
      Music by K.Stetzenko, soloist — M.Minsky

                                Сторона 2

01. Зелений гай / Longing for Ukraine
      Solopart — P.Honcharenko,P. Hrabowsky
02. Човен хитається / The boat is on the wawes (sweetheart, sail with me, enjoy the beautiful breezy night on the lake.)
      Soloists: W.Kucher and J.Oryshkewych, arr. by E.Kozak
03. Ясени / Ash-trees (lovers plant an ash-tree to symbolize future happines)
      By K.Kryvenky, duopart: M.Minsky — baritone, O.Moroz — tenor
04. Selection of merry folksongs – Arr. by D.Pika
      – Ой ходила дівчина бережком / A merry girl was walking on the beach
      – Кину кужіль на полицю / I drop my spinning to join the merrymaking
      – Дощик / It’s raining but my sweetheart will still come to me
05. Ніч яка Господи / Moonlit and starry night (lyric love song)
      Arr. by I.Kytasty, soloist — P.Honcharenko
06. Three merry folksongs – Arr. by M. Mychajliw
      – Ta внадився журавель / The crane
      – Від Києва до Лубень / From Kiev to Lubny
      – І шумить і гуде / It rains

Інформація з обкладинки:

Stereo. No. 14.

The Ukrainan Bandurist Chorus was organized in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, in 1918, and was dedicated to the memory of the greatest Ukrainian poet, Taras Shevchenko. It consists of 30 male singers, each of whom plays the “Bandura”, a national Ukrainian instrument.

The Bandura became a very popular instrument in Ukraine in the 16th century. It has 30 to 60 strings, ranging through five octaves which are plucked by the fingers, the Bandura unifies, to a certain degree, the principles of two instruments, that of the lute and harp. The sound of the Bandura is somewhat emphatic but gentle.

The Ukrainian Bandurists were admitted to the United States аз permanent residents. Since 1949, this Chorus has given constant performances in the leading concert halls of the United States, Canada, and Western Europe, arousing the greatest enthusiasm wherever it performed.

Cover by M. Dmytrenko (whisper of waves) • Reed-pipe (Sopilka) —M. Myroniuk • Tambourine — A. Malkowych
Distributor, UKRAINIAN BANDURIST CHORUS — P. O. Box 119, Hamtramck Br., Detroit, Michigan 48212, U.S.A.
822U – 5072,3