Український народний ансамбль ім. В.Івасюка – Пісні Володимира Івасюка

ВиконавецьУкраїнський народний ансамбль ім. В.Івасюка / Ivasiuk Ukrainian Folk Ensemble
Альбом – Пісні Володимира Івасюка / Songs of Volodymyr Ivasiuk
Видавець, каталожний номер: не зазначено – без номера (Інші лейбли)
Формат – Vinyl, 7″, 33 ⅓ RPM
Рік видання – не зазначено (1984)
Джерело – Спілка Українських Образотворчих Мистців Австралії (Ukrainian Artists Society of Australia)

01_Ivasiuk Ukrainian Folk Ensemble_Songs of Volodymyr Ivasiuk_front 02_Ivasiuk Ukrainian Folk Ensemble_Songs of Volodymyr Ivasiuk_back 03_Ivasiuk Ukrainian Folk Ensemble_Songs of Volodymyr Ivasiuk_side_1 04_Ivasiuk Ukrainian Folk Ensemble_Songs of Volodymyr Ivasiuk_side_2

Перелік записів:

                        Сторона 1

01. Червона рута (слова і музика В.Івасюка)
      The red rute (words and music by V.Ivasiuk)
02. Відлітали журавлі (музика В.Івасюка, слова В.Миколайчука)
      Tell me, crane (music by V.Ivasiuk, words V.Mykolaychuk)

                        Сторона 2

03. Я піду в далекі гори (слова і музика В.Івасюка)
      Into the distant mountains (words and music by V.Ivasiuk)
04. Водограй (слова і музика В.Івасюка)
      The fountain (words and music by V.Ivasiuk)

Інформація з обкладинки:


Volodymyr Ivasiuk was born on april 4, 1949, in Kitsman, Bukovyna, the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. On graduating from the Czerniwtsi medical institute, Volodymyr began his short career as a doctor. He also developed a flair for composing and wrote his first song «Chervona ruta» in 1971. He subsequently entered the Lysenko conservatorium in Lviv. Because his songs had a common theme, love, they became popular in Ukraine and this record features four of his best loved compositions. However, as Volodymyr would not work for the oppressors of his homeland, the soviet regime, he met a brutal and untimely death in april, 1979. News of his death brought an immense revival of his compositions in Ukraine and in Ukrainian communities throughout the free world. Volodymyr lives on in the words of his beautiful songs.

The Volodymyr Ivasiuk folk ensemble was founded in april, 1984, by young australian-ukrainians, under the musical direction of Peter Deriashnyj. The formation of the ensemble marks the fifth anniversary of ivasiuk’s untimely death.

Although we grew up and were educated far from the homeland of our fathers, we aim to preserve our cultural heritage and pass its richness onto our fellow australians.

The ensemble currently consists of 51 members, comprising singers, bandurists, and pianists. The songs on this record vividly depict the musicality of the ukrainian people, the scenic beauty of the land and its ancient and turbulent history. We hope that through these songs you too, will share our love for Ukraine.

Musical Director – Peter Deriashnyj
Piano Accompaniment – Victor Burak
Bandura Accompaniment – Bandurist Ensemble of Sydney
Violin Accompaniment – Michael Wittgens & Tina Alexander
Flute Accompaniment – Greg Berezniak

Cover Design – Leonid Denysenko

Acknowledgment and appreciation to the following sponsors: KARPATY Ukrainian Credit Union Ltd; Mr & Mrs G.Borec; Mr & Mrs M.Woytowych; Mr & Mrs S.Wasylyk; Mr a Mrs J.Terpak; Natalka, Alexander & Tayissa Dechnicz; Mr & Mrs I.Danko; Ukrainian Graduates Association of NSW; and Drs B. & I.Shehovych.