P.Humeniuk and his orchestra, E.Zukowsky, T.Svystun, R.Krasnowska – Kolomiykas. Volume 1

ВиконавецьPaul Humeniuk and his orchestra with incidental singing by E.Zukowsky, T.Svystun, R.Krasnowska
Альбом – Kolomiykas. Volume 1
Видавець, каталожний номер: Rusalka Records – MWS 110
Рік видання – не зазначено
Джерело – Walter Maksimovich (lemko.org)

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Перелік записів:

                        Сторона 1

01. O ty sataryj / Old man
02. Yak ya tobi zaspivaju / I like to sing
03. Chom dub ne zelenyj / Why the Oak is not green
04. Skalatska Kolomiyka / Kolomiyka of Skalat
05. Hop Marku / Dance Mark, dance

                        Сторона 2

06. Lvivska / Polka of Lwiw
07. Tarnopilska Kolomiyka / Kolomiyka of Tarnopil
08. Nadwirna Kolomiyka / Kolomiyka of Nadwirna
09. Shlub Syroty / Wedding of the Orphan
10. Svekrukha / Mother in law very lought

Інформація з обкладинки:

Each nationality has its own native dance. The Latina have -Tangoes, Germans have Waltzea, Czechs have the Polkas, Poles have Mazurkaa, atc. But only Ukrainians have Kolomiykas. Did the dance originate from the word “kolo” which mean round? Or from the city of Kolomiya?

We can’t, tell, but we do know that Ukrainians have been singing Kolomiykas for centuries. Especially the women and girls. They learn or make up Kolomiykas for all occasions, for teasing, for mirth and happiness and even to express sentiment and sadness. In this album we have compiled 10 Kolomiykas, dedicating them to an old, very sincere and noble passing generation. Some may still enjoy them as they did years ago. And perhaps some sentiment will be passed over to new generations who may also feel as the old generation did when they improvised these Kolomiykas to express their moods.

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MWS 110
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