Svitlytsia – From Ukraine with love

ВиконавецьSvitlytsia / Світлиця (Lidia Mikhailenko, Mar’yan Shunevich, Ihor Kushpler)
Альбом – From Ukraine with love
Видавець, каталожний номер: Yevshan Records – CYFP 2039
Рік видання – не зазначено (~ 1987)
Джерело – колекція Євгена Львівського

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Yevshan Records_CYFP 2039_audio cassette_side_1 Yevshan Records_CYFP 2039_audio cassette_side_2

Перелік записів:

                               Сторона 1

01. Winds of the steppes
02. Beneath the bridge
03. The cossack came riding
04. On the hill
05. Why do you wander, maiden?
06. Gypsy nights
07. The oak tree
08. Hylia, hylia o geese
09. Lullaby
10. Search for love
11. A willow in the garden

                               Сторона 2

12. Svitlytsia
13. The beginnings
14. Once i had a sweetheart
15. Song from a distant land
16. The gypsies on the hill
17. We stood beneath the pear tree
18. The mint rue

Інформація з обкладинок:

From Ukraine With Love

This recording combines the talents of three remarkable musicians who normally do not perform with each other: Lidia Mikhailenko, soloist of the Kiev Music Hall Theatre; Mar’yan Shunevich, soloist of the Lviv Philharmonic and lead singer with the Lviv Vatra Ensemble; and Ihor Kushpler, soloist with the Ivan Franko Opera in Lviv. In 1986, they were invited to prepare a program for performances at the Lviv Pavillion, Winnipeg, during the popular Folk Festival FOLKLORAMA. Because of their popularity, they were invited to return in 1987 and it was then that they cut this album. It is a tribute to their impeccable musicianship and sensitivity that they perform a variety of styles ranging from popular songs, romantic ballads, humorous folk songs to Ukrainian “bahatoholosia” with equal success.

Typical of their repertoire is “Svitlytsia”, words by Bohdan Stelmakh and music by Ihor Bilozir, that was so enthusiastically received by Winnipeg audiences. The song eloquently describes the love for one’s family, home and motherland. The group has a marvellous sense of ensemble and is truly sensitive in their treatment of lyrics and melody. The Ukrainian House of Gifts is proud to present this unique recording.

Manufactured and Printed in Canada
Ukrainian House of Gifts 144
Marion Street Winnipeg, MB. Canada R2H 0T4